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Resources for
Campus Organizers

Ideas for campus responses, protest organizing, and growing your reach.

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Pushing Public Statements Addressing Your University

Review all the communications, or lack of communications, from your school. Ask yourself:

  • Did the university's statement show a biaed support, such as for Israel, and not Palestine?
  • Did the university's statement discuss the atrocities and war crimes committed in Palestine?
  • Has the university provided adequate resources for the student population, such as the ability to protest and freedom of speech?
  • Has the university ensured the safety of student protestors on campus?
  • Does the university and/or its endowment fund invest in Israel?
  • Does the university have partnerships with major brands that are pro-Israeli? This often comes in the form of major sports or drinks brands.

Based on the above, consider what statements you could make regarding your school.

Pros: A statement addressed to your school brings the dialogue close to home for your community. Many people who feel this is an issue for the other side of the world may be more inclined to take a stance when they learn of the biases in their own campus.

For Your Safety: There is strength in numbers. Before publishing the statement, seek out organizations and faculty that are likely to co-sign your statement.

Participating in Walk-Outs

Review all the communications, or lack of communications, from your school. Ask yourself:

Based on the above, consider what statements you could make regarding your school.

Pros: Walk-outs are an easy way to gain massive traction amongst students and a massive disruption to campus activity. By conducting a walkout, your organization can draw a large crowd to a designated spot for an organized protest.

For Your Safety: While open mics are a way to get people involved, be cautious. A recent SJP organization allowed an unknown speaker to take the mic, only for the individual to express anti-Semitism, and allegedly, violence. This resulted in their school administration immediately taking action. Invite speakers ahead of time, and remind them not to promote anti-Semitism or violence.

Partner with Local Organizations

Find chapters of Palestine organizations in your region to partner with, reaching out to them to find resources, such as:

  • Potential upcoming regional protests and marches;
  • Potential resources for your regional government, such as petitions and ways to contact your representatives.

Pros: Demand meaningful action in your community and make your movement heard beyond just your campus.

For Your Safety: If participating in regional protests, make sure to understand the risks for each event. If an event is likely to be disruptive to your city, make sure students are aware of their rights and safety measures should there be a reaction from the local police.

Interact with your community

Use your social media to support your community. By interacting with their posts and social media, you empower them to continue speaking up and sustaining the movement.

Pros: Let your community know that you support them, and cultivate a safe space for pro-Palestine speech on campus.

For Your Safety:  Doxing against pro-Palestine students has been on the rise at several major campuses. If students are being doxed, reconsider the ways in which you are resharing students’ social media stories to protect them from unwanted attacks.

Organize fundraisers

Mobilize the active students in your community to throw fundraisers for Palestine organizations like USPCA, PCRF, and more. Here are some ideas:

  • Bring your community together by hosting a bake sale.
  • Host a walkathon or turn your protest march into a fundraiser.
  • Adding fundraisers from organizations like PCRF to your Instagram page

Pros: The prep for these events can be a community-building event of its own, such as bringing students together to prepare for a bake sale.