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Check the organizer's page for details around the protest, and make sure you are comfortable with the circumstances of the protest. Many organized protests have permits or are officially organized.

For protests from past months, please see this page.

Note: Some protests may be limited to student bodies. All times, unless virtual, are based on local timezone.

New York! 

Protect Palesine is hosting a special art exhibition + silent auction featuring Palestinian, Jewish, and community artists to fundraise for Anera. Tickets & more details here!

  • Wednesday, May 1: Film Screening (Doors open @ 5:30PM)
  • Thursday, May 2: Private Opening Night for NYC Organizers & Artists (Invite Only)
  • Friday, May 2: 10AM – 5PM Open to Public + 6PM Poetry Night
  • Saturday, May 3: 10AM – 5PM Open to Public + 6PM Student Organizer Night (Invite Only)
  • Sunday, May 4: 10AM – 5PM Open to Public

Past Protests – May 2024

Wednesday, May 1st

Thursday, May 2nd

Friday, May 3rd

Saturday, May 4th

Sunday, May 5th


Saturday, May 11th

  • Protest tracking team is working on bringing this back ASAP!!!!!!!! Our goal is to include protests as soon as possible.
  • May 19th update: We're working on this, we promise. It takes a lot of time to find, review, and format protests for this platform. Over the past two weeks, our team have been extra involved in protests and we're working on another mobilization effort, but will be returning to bring this back as soon as possible!

Have a protest not on the list? Tag us on the event post or submit it to the list here!

Protest Tips

Stay Anonymous.

We applaud your passion and bravery, but we want you to be safe. Doxing is on the rise, where counter-protestors are identifying and publicly shaming pro-Palestine protestors online and against your will. Wearing a mask and staying anonymous will protect you.

Know your rights.

You have the right to freedom of speech, but law enforcement may not respect those rights. Scroll down for details on your rights.

Find a buddy.

Sometimes protests don’t go as planned. Go to protests with a buddy, or find a buddy at the protest to be accountable for each other’s safety.

Focus on your own protest.

There will be counter-protestors. Don’t engage with them. They can get on your nerves, but there is no benefit in engaging with them. In fact, prevent people from engaging with them to prevent escalation in hate language, violence, and other risks.

Follow the crowd.

Organizers usually have permits for a designated route. If you are attending an official march or protest, follow the crowd for your safety.

Shut Down Racism.

There is no place for anti-Semitism at pro-Palestine rallies. It only takes one anti-Semitic picket sign or one racist chant for the entire rally to be branded as racist. Confront and shut down anti-Semitic language or chants immediately.

Remain Peaceful, and Help De-escalate.

It only takes one person inciting violence for police to shut down a protest. Do not let your protest turn violent.

Avoid contact lenses.

For protests that may escalate, pepper spray is particularly harmful and can even lead to blindness for those wearing contact lenses.

Dress for Palestine!

Show solidarity by wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh or hoisting a Palestinian flag.

If you are white, protect those around you.

If you are white, please help protect BIPOC (and specifically Palestinian) protestors. They are most likely to be targeted and intimidated by counter protestors.

Know Your Rights

  • You have the right to free speech.
  • You have the right to film police officers. Regardless of what they say, don’t stop filming.
  • Beware of undercover police in the crowd.
    These officers are typically trying to obtain information and identify potential individuals who may incite violence.
  • Memorize your safety contact.
    This should be someone who is not at the protest. As a back-up, write their contact with sharpie on your arms and legs, knowing that you may not be able to see your arms or hands if handcuffed.

If Police Confronts You


Ask if you are detained.

If you are not detained, you are free to go.


Ask why you are detained.

If you are detained, calmly begin filming and ask why you are detained.


Stay silent. Reject searches.

Police cannot detain you unless you are suspected of a crime. If they search you, it is likely unlawful. To prevent escalation, remain peaceful and silent.


Ask for an attorney.

If you are arrested, stay silent. Do not let them intimidate you. Only repeat the phrase: "I want an attorney."