Things you can do
‍in less than three minutes.


Email Your Congressional Representatives.

It's surprisingly easy. Takes 2 minutes.

Both Ceasefire Now and the US Campaign For Palestinian Rights (USCPR) have great templates that takes less than 2 minutes to send. All you need to do is fill out your information, and they will contact your various elected officials.

Ceasefire Now
(Sends from your email)
(Sends anonymously)
Insanely quick. The USCPR one thanks officials that are supporting Palestine.
Contacts your Senators and Representatives directly.
PS -- Their email template is suitable for non-US politicians too!


Sign a Petition

Name & Address. That's it.

This Change.org petition already has over 800 organizations and 1.1 million signatures. Add your name to it to help them reach one million.

Sign Now
Demands a ceasefire across the region
Demands humanitarian aid for civilians
Demands evacuation of patients in critical conditions


Call Your Politicians (Takes 5 - 10 Minutes)


This USCPR script helps you call each of your representatives, whether it's a House member or a Senator. Flood their phone lines EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Demand them to take action, and overwhelm them.

If you question how this is helping – challenging their position is not just about making our voices heard, it's about making those complicit in genocide know no peace.

Call Now
Automatically connects you to all of your representatives.
Makes your demands heard and overwhelms their phone lines.
Make those complicit in genocide know no peace.


Follow, Share, and Amplify Palestinian Voices

Palestinians are actively sharing information and footage from Gaza, where nearly no media has been able to access. Major news coverages are thus incredibly one-sided. We can change that. By showing the footages on the ground in Gaza, we are promoting truth.

List of Activists
Takes 3 minutes to follow these heroes.
Showing the true devastation in Gaza to your peers.
Lets Palestinian journalists know they are being heard.


Know which brands to skip.

The most powerful way, perhaps even more than using our voices, is knowing how we spend our money, and who that money goes to. Major consumer brands like Starbucks and McDonald's are the primary international targets as they have been linked to supporting the genocide, but more local brands are worth skipping too. Find yours in the BDS guide below.

BDS Guide
It's simple –– skip certain brands while shopping.
Supporting local small businesses instead!
Make major conglomerates know: supporting genocide is not okay.


Show your support on social media

Showing your support will help empower those around you.

Actions like adding the Palestinian flag or changing your profile image are tiny actions, but they greatly empower your friends and family to also speak up and demand change.

Social Media Toolkit
Empowers your friends & families to vocalize support
Show of commitment and solidarity to those impacted
Continues the momentum of the movement


Share our LinkTree + Guides

Sharing these resources will help more people contact their representatives, sign the petitions, and demand humanitarian relief.

Social Media LinkTree
Gets supporters to take meaningful action
Empowering your community with resources
More reach, more impact


Interact with posts + stories

For the next three minutes, react to all the Palestine posts you see. Even from strangers.

Empowers your community to keep up their momentum.
Boosts social media algorithms.
It's mental health support for us all.