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Biden questioned the legitimacy of the death toll from the Gaza Health Ministry, and he's right -- it's likely not accurate. The reality is, it's likely much, much higher. Here's why.

Despite the ongoing crisis, the Gaza Health Ministry has an accurate method for counting and reporting deaths. It requires hospitals and morgues to report the identity of victims and is logged centrally. As a result, it's not just random estimates that are being reported. Each number was a person with a death certificate in the system.

With this accurate methodology:

  • Victims that do not make it to a hospital, morgue, or reporting location will not be counted.
  • Overwhelmed hospitals may be underreporting.
  • Victims at disconnected hospitals and morgues are not counted.
  • Regions of Gaza siezed by Israeli forces are unlikely counted.

The Gaza Health Ministry itself is under immense pressure, and have stated their inability to provide full updates in recent days. So, what is the real death toll? The below reported figures, at a minimum. The reality is probably thousands more.

For those who still question its accuracy:

Data is typically updated daily where possible, and based on best available source.

Confirmed Deaths in Gaza


These numbers are human lives. They have names, families, and dreams. All cut short by Israel.

Displaced in Gaza

More than 2x the population of Washington DC.


And this number is a major underestimation.

Size of Gaza

About 2x of Washington DC, with nowhere to escape.

Civilians in Gaza

Making Gaza more densely packed than New York City.

Missing, likely killed.

Many are likely buried under collapsed buildings.

Children Killed

This is 4.6x the lives lost in 9/11. And this is just children.

Weeks Since October 7th


That's 32 weeks where the millions of innocent Palestinian civilians are bombed day and night, fearing for their lives, while living on little food, water, and aid.

Demand a long-term ceasefire now.

Aid trucks allowed into Gaza since May 5th via Rafah

A humanitarian crisis is rapidly worsening, with 1.1+ million civilians at risk of severe famine.

US Aid for Israel

This includes a recently approved $26 Bn bill, on top of ~$4 Bn in pre-approved annual funding.

* An asterisk denotes that this statistic has not been updated in the last 72 hours. While it is possible the figure has not changed, it is more likely that no updated information available. Note that the figures are based on best available sources.

Beyond those already in Gaza prior to October 7th, 2023, little to no new international organizations, aid workers, or journalists have been able to enter Gaza. Further, Israel has intermittently cut off internet and telecommunications from Gaza. These factors have drastically restricted available information.

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