Protect Palestine

35,600+ have been confirmed killed.
The reality is likely well above 45,000+.

For 76 years and 225+ days, Palestinians in Gaza have been living in oppression and fear, but they are resilient, and so we must be too.

Demand a ceasefire now.
Demand humanitarian aid for Palestine.
Put Israel's war crimes in the spotlight.

Put humanity first.

⛺️ List of Solidarity Encampments

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⛺️ Campus Bail Funds

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Key Sections

📝 3 Minute Tasks

Each task takes just 3 minutes. Do them all.

📢 Find a Protest

Frequently Updated List of Protests + Protesting Safely

🧮  By the Numbers

Each number is a human, has a story, and had a future.

📗 Answers for Tough Questions

Compiled answers for answering the tough questions

🏫 List of University Student Orgs

Find student organizations and resources for your university.

🔖 Social Media Resources

Use your social reach to demand impact now.

📚 List of Books to Read

Various genres to share the stories of the Palestinians.

🎥 Videos & Documentaries to Watch

Movie, film, and reporting to learn the history & present-day Palestine

Where to Support

⛑ List of Organizations to Support

501©3 nonprofits at Congress and in Gaza

🧑💻 Want to volunteer?

Fill out this form, and we'll reach out when we need volunteers/interns!

(Oudated Resources)

🛑 Israeli War Crimes

War crimes, outlined. Evidence, presented.

🎄  Holiday Palestine Guide

A guide to help you convince your family to support Palestine.

📐 Resources for Student Organizers

A list of ideas & ways to get your community more involved.

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